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Role of therapeutic massage for seniors

At no single time should you conclude to have seen better days. That is only left to the departing people at the death beds. Today, the demographics are changing. The birth rate is reducing as the death rate reduces. The population is hence consisting of a good share of senior citizens. The modern lifestyles are creating a good atmosphere for old people to live longer. In every market, the vendors and businesspeople are busy making sure that they have something in store for the seniors. Therapists are not left behind. Considering that they are considered part of the Chiro Heath care practitioners, they have their packages ready for the old people. The aged people might not have an idea how they are to benefit from the massage though. But here are the perks.

  • Joint stiffness gets cured

At old age, everything seems to be falling apart. Not only the bones starts aching, but also the tendons and the muscles. These are the vital components in every joint. With massage therapies administered around the joints, the muscles get lengthened and loosened relieving the joint the stiffness. RA pain can actually be cured through Yaletown Chiro massage. Studies have shown this is possible. Myofascial release massage that utilizes the technique of sustained pressure applied on particular body parts for the sole purpose of loosening the tightened tissues is one of the solutions. Moderate pressure massage is the other solution.

  • Faster healing

It is a common characteristic for seniors to take long for wounds and strained muscles to heal. This is well explained by the already depreciating healing ability of the body cells. Seniors also have more inflammation than juniors. When the cells are compromised, healing can take weeks meaning a long duration of pain. Massage however comes in to accelerate the rate of healing. It does so through facilitating mitochondria production that then helps in recovery process. massage therapy in Yaletown by Back Doc also inhibits the excessive inflammation. Pulled muscles get to recover faster than when nothing is done at all.

  • Counters depression

There is a lot that aged people face at above 65 years of living in this messy earth. It is through the stressful experiences that seniors tend to go nuts. While a doctor could be seen as the savior, simple therapies like massage could go a long way in relieving depression. The feel-good hormones are triggered in the body to the level that a senior’s wellbeing is restored. There is nothing much to worry about when one is at the peace of massage. It is like everything is settled or maybe, it can wait. Even Alzheimer’s patients improve.

  • Better sleep

As you grow old, sleep tends to part ways with you. When you have massages regularly, the condition improves. You get quality sleep as serotonin is released into your system increasing the level of melatonin. The end result is a proper sleep cycle, just like when you were a boy/girl.

Never fear massage thinking that it’s too dangerous. Therapists are trained to handle event he delicate senior patients.